Why Redox Signaling will Transform Medical Science

This article summarizes why all the excitement and enthusiasm around Redox Signaling Molecules.

Dr. Gary Samuelson

As medical science advances, it appears to become more and more difficult to find treatments that are not harmful to certain parts the body and yet offer real benefits to the patient. Normally, after billions of dollars of research, the treatments that promise the best results often come along with long lists of side effects that may be much more detrimental to some people than the original medical condition itself. Medical science compensates by conducting billions of dollars of research to find treatments for the undesirable side effects. While such efforts keep medical researchers busy and pharmaceutical companies profitable, at some point these advances need to be weighed against the needs of the patient. In general, the cost of medical treatment is escalating and results can still be quite detrimental on several fronts.

Looking for potential cost-effective treatments that have minimal negative side effects would seem to offer the best…

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How Can we Fight a Virus II?

Dr. Gary Samuelson wrote this blog just 5 days after his first blog on Viruses. Those of us involved with the Master Key will resonate with this blog.

Dr. Gary Samuelson

Stepping up to protect yourself, your family and neighbors is noble and right. On the other hand, putting others at risk by your selfish behavior is unwarranted and wrong. Most people understand and believe this. Did you know that such beliefs, emotions and behaviors can affect your immune system?

      For over 200 years, every serious scientific study to determine whether a medication works or not has involved a placebo.  A placebo is something you believe will cure you, but really has no curative power of itself.  In almost all studies, a placebo works much better than no treatment at all, and often works even better than the medications that are supposed to work.  Medical professionals, without a doubt, have long proven that beliefs and attitudes strengthen your immune system and heal your body.  In this post we look at the science of how the human mind works and reduce…

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How can we fight a Virus?

This is very Important Information especially in this current time

Dr. Gary Samuelson

There is only one thing we know that can really fight and win the battle with a virus: it is our own immune system. Vaccines can train the immune system how to recognize viruses, but the immune system must still win the fight. The following is a basic tutorial on how the immune system works on a cellular level to protect us and preserve our life.

     How does the immune system work?

Our big heavily armed immune cells circulate mostly through our blood, rolling along inside blood vessels, looking for the signals of trouble from surrounding cells.  When they receive these distress signals, they quickly mobilize, moving and squeezing through cells and tissues until they arrive at the place of distress.  There are two types of communication systems that immune cells use so they know what to do.

(1) The innate immune system uses Redox Signals coming from damaged…

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Continuous Chipping Away Gets Me to My Bliss

March 30. 2020

I am so filled with appreciation and gratitude that I am completing my third time of participating in the MasterKey. First time I was a full participant and the last two as an audit. I so appreciate Mark’s wisdom and generosity in offering the lifetime membership. I never imagined how much more cement I had to chip away after my first year and then again after the second year to get to my golden Buddah so to speak. Maybe I’m slower than some and maybe I’m faster than others, it doesn’t really matter as long as I keep chipping away. I am so thankful for my Master Mind buddies Fred Brownell, Jeff Busch, Mac McIver, Ray Hodges, and George DiLeo that I want to publicly acknowledge them. I love you guys and thanks. Let me encourage each of you if this is your first time thru to keep chipping and you too will discover your magnificence.

MKEMMA 2018 Week 8: LOVE

Esther has away of getting to the essence of the leaning.

Esther Bae

Haanel writes in Lesson 8, “The result of your thought is governed by an immutable law! Thought results in action, if your thought is constructive and harmonious, the result will be good; if your thought is destructive or inharmonious, the result will be evil” He continues to say “It is evident therefore that we are to hate nothing, not even the “bad,” because hatred is destructive, and we shall soon find that by entertaining thought we are sowing the “wind” and in turn shall reap the “whirlwind”. (bold added)

As I was reading through these words of Haanel, I couldn’t help but to be reminded of Scroll 2 that we have been reading everyday this month. Toward the end of Scroll 2, we read, 

I greet this day with love in my heart. Henceforth I love all mankind. From this moment all hate is let from my…

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Week 24 The Emerging New Blueprint

The last two weeks have been pretty spectacular for me. I truly feel a shift for me and realize that the best is yet to come.  Last week, I drove to work to Kiawah for my one day a week working on a golf course as a ranger.  After I checked in, I arrived back at my car and one of the guys told me I had a flat tire on the right rear that I was totally unaware of after driving for about a half hour.  However, It was what happened subsequently that I am still in wonder about.  I was able to drive the car to the maintenance shed and literally just happened to run into a friend of mine Brad who is in charge of the golf course maintenance and told him of my dilemma.  The fact that he was there at that moment was surprising.  He could have been anywhere in a five mile radius.  I moved the car to the appropriate place for filling the air in the tire and Brad filled it.  He wondered if there was a nail or screw in it, and he reached down and just happened to find it right away where he first felt the tire. Amazing! At that moment a maintenance truck drove up and Tim got out and Brad asked him if had a couple of minutes to plug the tire, which he did and then replaced it all within about 5 minutes. So from the time I discovered I had a flat tire to being back on the road was a total of about ten minutes. It was like being in the pits at NASCAR race.   I hope you get that for that to happen as it did, the stars had to aligned and I had to be in the flow of something and so did the other guys have to be in a similar flow.  Now I would understand that most would just say I was lucky and it was all just a coincidence. But I choose to think that higher powers were at work for all those things to happen in the timely manner as  I describe it.  Either way though I’ll take it.

The next day I drove four hours to North Carolina to  a 5 hour seminar and back again after accomplishing my purpose, and that night upon my return attended a St Patrick’s day party, sang a duet with my wife without so much as twinge of nervousness. Went to bed about midnight and still wasn’t very tired.  Now I could see doing that at age 35 with not much sweat  but I am going to be 74 in May.  I attribute a lot of that to the Law of Least Effort and practicing Acceptance.  I noticed that I didn’t fret over any of the little things that in the past could have triggered a little angst, but none of it was there for the whole 8 hours in the car. I love it.

Finally, I have so been overwhelmed with joy after a  number of readings of the Week 24 in the Master Key Experience and also reading in Think and Grow Rich in the  Go90Grow course in the sections on Desire and Faith.  I have been struggling for years trying figure out faith and prayer because I had it hooked up all wrong and relating to a religious thing.  I truly think I understand it now and realize I have had a similar enlightenment years ago but questioned myself as Emerson talks about in self reliance.  I now am trusting my inner voice because I know its source and it’s all good (God).  I have also reread and re-absorbed the Week 20 reading which combined with Week 24 is a helluva hit to one’s, and in this case my, consciousness and belief system. I am so grateful for the effort that Mark, Daveene,  Derek, Dayna, and the rest of the guides and every one in this group have put into this Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  I feel so humbled to be able to continue this journey with all of you as I retake Go90Grow. A ton of cement has dropped away and the new blueprint is being drawn with me as the architect. How fun is that for a yellow. Thanks thanks thanks!

Since we are all connected,  I just encourage us all to continue breathing those omniscient, omnipotent. and omnipresent Universal Intelligent ethers. Love to all.

Week22A Shhhhh: Very Quiet This Week

Well I was able to do my 48 hours of silence starting on Wednesday Evening and completing it on Friday evening a few hours ago. At this point, it may be too early to R2A2 because I don’t recall very much noteworthy about the experience.  Perhaps since I already spend a lot of time by myself it wasn’t that different for me other than no computer or  internet or TV, which I have already cut out for the most part.  I picked a time when my wife was going to be away anyway so that made it a lot easier. I  would however mention that my sits were quite a bit longer, more vivid and seemed more connected. During one of them I was able to  confirm that what I am doing still resonates very strongly within me so I just want to get going in a more action-oriented manner.

I loved the the Wallace Wattles piece: The Science of Getting Rich.  I found myself taking notes furiously which helps me lock in the learning. Fortunately,  I mentioned how much I was taken by it to my mastermind buddy Jack Shea and he was able to email a PDF file  of the whole piece so I now have it in written form as well.

The Science of Getting Rich fit in so well with the beginning of the Go90Grow program and the Think and Grow Rich section.  I am retaking it and I really got in touch with my burning desire to make money and turn on a piece of me that has been far too passive for far too  long and gotten me in financial trouble of late.  I now see the skills I am learning in Go90Grow propelling me forward into action.  Another piece that fell into place was that I was able to influence 3 partners of mine to enroll in the Go90Grow course and they are excited about what’s happening there also. This will provide me with the MasterMind that will help us all.

Finally, I still find reading Emerson to be one of the biggest challenges I face. It is the vocabulary he uses which just makes it so tedious. I am looking up more words and it is taking a long time to get thru it. Fortunately I am living by the compass and not by the clock.

So as I said in my title this week, it’s been a quiet week but a good one for learning . I’ll be back in touch next week.




Week 22 Using the Magnifying Glass

Focus and concentration to no one’s surprise here pay huge dividends. This week I have dug in deeply to the Go90Grow program specifically focusing on the Hero’s Journey skill section.  Going over the online videos for the second time allows me to get to a level of understanding the concepts which in turn allows me to internalize and visualize the whole thing so much more easily.  As a result the words to use are just there because it makes sense to me now.  My review also awakened me to see that the method  is a blessing for me and the suspect/possibility.  This blog however is not about the Go90 Grow course per se but about my heightened ability to concentrate and thereby learn the material.

I noticed the same result with the reading of Part 22 of the Master Key Experience.  Deeper understanding of the text not just a shallow reading with my wandering from time to time. Speaking of the Master Key, while I was reading it there was a reference to Dr. Albert Schofield  so I googled him and in my searching discovered some information that I loved about the Master Key Experience.  It was rumored but not confirmed that it was banned by the Church in 1933.  Either way it must have been a bit of challenge for the status quo and the entrenched  institutions to accept.  And it was the book that Bill Gates started reading while at Harvard and, as the story goes, guided him to imagine everyone with a computer on every desktop.  He left Harvard to follow his vision. Pretty cool?  Apparently it is very popular among entrepreneurs in  Silicon Valley.  Also, it is safe to say that Haanel and Schofield were way ahead of  their time.  The idea that one’s thinking patterns actually affects one’s health was mind-blowing when the Master Key was published I’m sure.  But it seems to be more widely accepted today.

On the homefront, my wife and I are doing things together more than in the past when we tended to do our own perceived tasks alone. This past week we did two things as a team and it was fun, rewarding, and it seemed so much more in harmony.  The initiative for doing these things together came from reading of the Color Code book and learning that I was good at starting things and my wife is not so good at getting started with something but is wonderful when she can jump in and help out. I let go of my ego thing of doing it all and the result was twofold: we got the task done faster and we felt closer  afterwards. That is a win/win in my book.

I’ve been continuing to expand my comfort zone and am very much aware of an inner sense of calm  and peace in situations which in the past would have given rise to that uncomfortable feeling in my gut.  I’ve specifically noticed this when making phone calls in connection with my mlm business. They are just easier to make now.

I am loving the growth and the love. Bye for now.

Week 21 – Universal Mind is Unconditional and Becoming Free

Another cement busting week which has been evolving day by day.  This week has just seemed to fly by and I think that has a lot to do with reviewing Mark’s recording on using anger, fear, unworthiness, hurt feelings, and guilt as tools at the beginning of the week.  I loved going back to old memories that popped into my conscious mind from wherever they are in the ethers where I had those feelings and just observing them, not reliving them, and realizing that because I still had them somewhere in my consciousness that they were part of the old cement that still needed to released.  And then to notice than whenever those same feelings come up now that they are in fact tools to be used to move thru them and not roadblocks that stop me.

One that I have allowed to be a roadblock for me up until now was the thought that I was interrupting people when I called them on the phone.  So this week especially I’ve let that one go which has really freed me up.   I know exactly where the hurt feelings developed years ago when I called one of my best friends and  he got pissed at me for interrupting him at work.  It’s never happened since but at an unconscious level, I piled some cement on that hurt feeling like a band-aid to guard me from letting it happen again.  So all that did was keep it in place and every time I made a phone call, it was there at some deeper level , so it took an act of will-power to overcome it.  How exhausting has that been?  It’s so much fun to understand how this mechanism works so that it can be repaired so to speak.  I hope that makes sense and is helpful to others of how to use that lesson.  The bottom-line for me is that my comfort zone has expanded.

Regarding Part 21 in the Master Key,  WOW! there is so much meat there.  Spiritual laws, just like the laws of electricity, mathematics, and chemistry, are definite, scientific, exact,and operate with immutable precision.  I remember loving mathematics and chemistry because there was a right answer…not that I always got it right, but I liked that there was a correct answer.

To realize that each individual is a channel to the Universal Mind and it is our ability to think that is our ability to act upon this Universal Substance, and that what we think, including big and small thoughts,  is what is created or produced in the objective world. In the sit instructions,  I was so taken by the concept that nothing can stand in the way of scientifically correct thought,methods, and principles.  Bam!

Week 20 Great Week and Rewarding Reconnection

Well friends, this was a terrific week for me.  I stayed up a  little later than normal on Monday night reading and delving into Part 20 of the Master Key.  I was so taken by it that when I finished I decided to reach out to some friend on Marco Polo inviting  them to get on board with it.  One of them was my 13 year old granddaughter whom I have not communicated with for 14 months.  The reason it has been so long is that my former daughter-in-law has cut off access to her.  My son has not been able to be in contact with her for a few years.  I have felt somewhat helpless with this situation since my son was in the army and could not even talk with his daughter on the phone.  Fast Forward to Tuesday morning, she ( Lillie) messaged back that she would give it a try and Lo and behold, we have communicated every day since via Marco Polo.  This has filled a hole in my heart and I am grateful to MKMMA for introducing me to Marco Polo and for opening up my creativity and courage to take the action.  I’m remembering a line from a seminar I took 34 years ago:”The universe rewards action”.

I continued to read Part 20 and highlighted it. Of course by the time I finished highlighting, almost the entire lesson was highlighted.  There are so many gems in there. Of course, I have a feeling if I were to go back and re-read the previous 19 lessons, I would feel the same way about those chapters as well.  I’m sure  because I’ve grown so much.  I also thought that I needed to re listen to the webinar about the instructions for the requirement to post in the Tools for Expanding   section. When i did it was almost like , ” have I even heard this before?”  The Fabulous Daveene’s explanation of the comfort zone, the fight or flight response and linking it to Anger and Fear. Wow. I definitely had a tendency to the flight response especially when faced with someone who chose the anger or fight modality.  I remember my programming which although it didn’t serve me always,  ” give in to keep the peace”, I usually adopted .  The Peptides.  the f…ing peptides.   And finally seemlessly bringing the subject full circle to discover that it was the old blue print which had put those limits on me and that we stick with what is comfortable instead of risking and stretching that comfort zone by using fear, unworthiness, anger, guilt, and hurt feelings as tools with which to stretch.  So freaking empowering if I might say.  Let me just say, I hope this week was as good for you as it was for me.

Finally, there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.