David Peake is 74 years young, was raised in Philadelphia and is currently living in Charleston SC. I attended an all boy school from K-12 and graduated from a small liberal arts college in Hartford, CT in 1966 with a degree in economics .

I served in the US Navy as an officer on destroyers. I was first stationed on a DER , a radar picket ship, home-ported in Pearl Harbor.  We deployed to the western Pacific in 1967, including stops in Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Sydney, Tasmania, and Fiji. Our mission was to provide a naval barricade to prevent small supply vessels from reinforcing the Vietcong and North Vietnamese.  We also patrolled the Straits of Taiwan in a  reconnaissance role.  The World War II ship I was on was quite old and was decommissioned in 1968, sold to MGM, and blown up in the movie Tora, Tora, Tora.

I was transferred to another destroyer home-ported in  Newport RI,  and on August 1st of 1969, I was in a head-on car crash in Portsmouth NH. I was severely injured and spent almost 2 years in multiple hospitals recovering from various injuries . The most significant of which was a shattered femur, which required  months in traction and a body cast for many additional months. Unfortunately after all that, the femur healed incorrectly and had to be surgically re-broken and took many more months to heal completely.  I was eventually retired from the Navy with a disability due to a shortened left femur as a result of the surgery.

With the Navy behind me,  I became a stockbroker but quickly discovered a conflict between my integrity and the totally sleazy way I was taught to acquire customers.  I loved the analysis work of looking at companies but could not and would not violate my inner sense of right and wrong when being of service to and acquiring customers.

I decided to go to graduate school and earned an MBA in accounting from The Wharton Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania.  I married my first wife prior to graduation and went to work for a Big 8 accounting firm and  became a CPA.  I left  public accounting to work with a small start up company that failed  and subsequently became a senior financial executive with a life insurance company.

In 1982,  After climbing the corporate ladder and feeling unfulfilled and drinking more alcohol than was necessary,  two dear friends reached out to me and invited me to attend the Insight Transformational Seminars and I jumped at the possibility.  In hindsight this was my herald’s call to my hero’s journey.   Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame facilitated the 5 day workshop and BAM, I  had such a powerful experience and became somewhat addicted to finding out what had just happened to me.  I wasn’t being pulled by  the same strings as Wayne Dyer might have put it, and as a result, my marriage was not sustainable.

I became a student of  personal growth  and read tons of books, attended workshops and even did a Fire Walk workshop.  My corporate career also came to an end as my interest had turned from finances to helping to educate people about bettering themselves.   I trained myself to facilitate corporate workshops in interpersonal relationships, communications, leadership, and sales training  and became an independent consultant.  In 1985 I married my exquisite wife and was blessed with the birth of a beautiful daughter to be a part of our family which included two fabulous sons from my first marriage.

I was first exposed to network marketing in the mid 90’s  with a company called Celltech.  It was a perfect fit for me because it was in nutrition and had exclusive rights to a nutrient dense superfood product.  I had decided to take better care of myself after my father had passed away from colon cancer at the age of 68 and the product line helped me do just that.

So in addition to spreading the word about Super Blue Green Algae not very successfully, I was also trading stocks, options, and futures to generate income.  We moved from Philadelphia to Charleston SC in 2006 to enjoy the more favorable climate and in 2014 became affiliated with another network marketing company ASEA. I truly  believe that ASEA is changing the paradigm of health as we know it and reducing our need for pharmaceuticals and the allopathic model of health.

I feel so blessed to have been introduced to the Master Key Experience Master Mind Alliance  so that I can more powerfully and effectively fulfill my mission of being a force for good in the world by helping people discover their purpose and their own magnificence.