73 years young, raised in Philadelphia and Currently living in Charleston SC. Attended the same school from k-12 , Graduated from a small liberal arts college in Hartford, CT. Served in the US Navy as an officer on destroyers. Stationed in Pearl Harbor and deployed to Vietnam and Taiwan. Stationed in Newport RI. Spent 2 years in the hospital recovering from multiple injuries from head on car crash. The most significant of which was a shattered femur, which required traction and a body cast. Unfortunately after all that, it healed incorrectly and had to be surgically re-broken. I was eventually retired from the Navy with a disability. Became a stockbroker but didn’t enjoy cold calling and went to Graduate School and received an MBA, became a CPA and eventually a financial executive with a life insurance company. Transformed and discovered my love within me after attending Insight Transformational Seminars facilitated by Jack Canfield. Became an independent consultant in training and development. retirement seminars. Became affiliated with ASEA in Oct 2014 and believe that it will change health care as we know it. Currently married to my wonderful wife Cam for 32 years after a not so wonderful marriage to my first wife. Have 3 children and 3 grandchildren and one on the way.