Week 10 A bit of a subtle shift this week

Some pretty cool changes seem to be taking place on the inside this week.  What I am noticing is how I am not reacting in negative ways to certain stimulus that in the past would  have set me off.  I am significantly more matter-of-factly about things that don’t go the way I would have originally preferred.. I don’t even know if that is a proper use of that phrase, but any reader will get my point.  That in itself is an example of how much freer I am to express myself without being so concerned with it being perfect grammatically or any other way.  Probably the most significant event that really messed up my plan this week was that I had to get a new cell phone.  However, I just took it in stride and kept plowing forward.  It is somewhat disturbing how dependent I have become on a cell phone especially considering that I was very late in letting go of my flip phone.  I am also taking the Go90Grow program and am really loving it.   Most importantly, I was able to use some of the skills taught in that program and also in chapter 9 of the Greatest Salesman and truly not look at the people I had contact with as potential customers but as fellow spirits.  I ended up having wonderful conversations with all of them including the fellow who provided me excellent service in transferring all my stuff from my old phone to my new phone. We are going to continue our conversation next week since I can be of service to him and some things he is struggling with.  What made the conversations so wonderful was there was zero angst or nervousness and with all of them a genuine connection was made.  Finally, the visualization went well. Multi-colored cones all over the place.  I am optimistic about visualizing my future manifestations.  So the bottom-line for me this week is that there is a growing peacefulness about me which I am loving.


Week 9 Imagine That?

There were so many bells going off in my head this week as I read Part Nine of the Master Key System. It seemed as if each paragraph was power-packed with another truth. Or may be I should spell it Truth. When I highlighted it, every sentence seemed worthy of highlighting. I loved the story of Frederick Elias Andrews and his healing by the positive affirmation: I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy. It ties in beautifully with the science of epigenetics. The amazing part is that this was written in 1912-1916.  The exercise of imagining a plant from seed to bloom was really cool each time I have done it during my sit I had a different perspective.  The first one was as an observer and seeing  it being planted and then bursting thru the dirt and into the sun and growing to a full grown rose bush and finally a white rose blooming.  As an aside, the song “The Rose” is one of my favorites. The next time, I imagined that I was the seed and inside the plant and continued that perspective until I bloomed as beautiful white rose.  Finally, today I imagined that I was a cell inside the seed and saw myself continuing to divide and grow and being at the tip of the stem as it broke thru the ground and being nearly blinded yet warmed and nourished by the Sun’s rays. The thing that was really cool about all of them was that the picture was very clear from each perspective.  Bottom line is that my imagination is ready willing and able to help me in my future manifestations.  One final note is that I also started reading in the People Code Book ( formerly The Color Code) by Hartman and am enthralled to read  more.  It seems to correlate with all the inner work we are doing which, of course,  is no big surprise considering all the thoroughness and diligence that has gone into putting this course together.  Thanks Mark And the Fabulous Davene.

Week 8 A couple of Breakthroughs this week

This has been an eventful week so far so I thought I better put some thoughts down before they recess into my mind with other new thoughts.  One breakthrough happened yesterday when I was talking to a friend not involved in MKMMA and I found myself reading part of Chapter 9 of the Greatest Salesman to him about love and he said, ” I think I better get myself a copy of that again”.  He had read it a long time ago but probably not the way we are reading it.  However, that was not the breakthrough.  The breakthrough is that I have tended to keep my cards pretty close to my chest when taking a personal growth program in the past.  Up until now I have only shared with people in the group and my family that I am participating in the Master Key.  However,  I decided to share my blog address with this friend which I felt very comfortable doing which surprised me.

Today, Wednesday, I was standing in line to checkout at the market in the 20 items or less line, and the guy in front of me decided to have a nice chat with the check-out lady.  Meanwhile, while the belt was completely empty, he was chatting away instead of emptying his cart so she could ring up his order.  I started to get a little annoyed because I only had two items and wanted to get back home.  In the past I would have never said anything but would have stewed inside and had one of those looks of displeasure on my face in case he looked my way.  This time though, I quickly enrolled the Law of Dual Thought and the mental diet skill of changing the thought and I just didn’t let it get to me. I loved that I had such good control over the Old Blue Print of  being impatient,  which would have only hurt me and not changed his behavior.  So I am truly thankful to be learning so much in the Master Key.

Week 7 Silence is golden

It is truly wonderful to hear what my inner voice is able to communicate to me in the form of both pictures and words.  I remember years ago taking a seminar and in response to a question about what was next for me,  a microphone appeared for me while I was meditating.  It took a while but eventually it came to me that I needed to speak up and out more.  I’m seeing that same microphone again but this time the message seems to be very clear.  The difference is that this time I am understanding it and totally buying into the message.  Pictures of people I want to talk to also arise and I know that is my intuition speaking to me.  I find the silence  is a very important tool to growing.

The diet is going well. My biggest challenge is when I have technical difficulties trying to post stuff to this wordpress  program.  Boy, what a great way to test one’s patience.  Today, I was working on trying to get my press release in the correct place and I thought I had it correct, so I erased the other places I had posted it only to discover that  I didn’t have it anywhere on the sight. Talk about a sinking feeling.  I had a short outburst but re-balanced  myself almost immediately and that was very cool and allowed to me to gather myself and work it through to a successful outcome. Phew!

I’m still very engaged and doing my best.  I really like reading the guy in the mirror  which I’ve posted in the bathroom. It reminds me that my father used to suggest that I do something similar before going to bed at night, but I had gotten out of the habit.  That’s a good habit to do daily. That’s enough for now, unless I get another urge to do some more before Sunday.

Week 6 Fully Engaged and Coincidences? Maybe not so much when you are in the flow.

Although I am finding that the assignments are far more time consuming than I thought they were going to be, I find that I am so engaged in them that the time isn’t even an issue for me.  It may also be in my peptides to go at my pace and get whatever the task is  done regardless of how long it takes. For example, Emerson is a real challenge for me and I am looking up a lot of words.  I could fully relate to the fellow who called into Mark on Monday night’s webinar about his challenge  with Emerson and English is his second language. Hell it’s my first language and it’s tough sledding.  I had an inkling that I was about due for a chiropractic appointment, but I couldn’t find that I had written the appointment down anywhere. So I decided to just drop by on my way home to see when it was.  As I pulled in the parking lot I noticed that it was empty and thought that the office was closed obviously, but at that instant I also noticed Tony the chiropractor unlocking the door to go in.  I pulled up and he waved me to come in.  As it turned out, and this is not like me at all, the appointment was the day before and I had totally missed it.  Was it a coincidence that I arrived at just the right time to meet Tony? You tell me. I had a great visit with him and he said  if I ever had a seminar to promote my network marketing business that I could put a poster in his reception room.  How nice was that? Finally, I noticed in the wee small hours of this morning, subby was at work because out of nowhere came an answer to me about a strategy to use that I had asked subby for help with before I fell asleep last night.  Right after that I saw in my mind’s eye the photograph I had concentrated on before my sitting in perfect detail.  I love the way the universe is validating all that we are learning and relearning.

Week 5 Going for all of it

This week has been very full with catching up and getting clear and then taking on Go90Grow today.  I have had a problem feeling congruent and connected which may be redundant with one of my PPN’s which until yesterday was helping others. My wonderful guide repeatedly encouraged me to reflect that in my DMP and I was fighting his suggestion and justifying my own since I am all about helping people in my business world and he said it had to be a more altruistic type of helping others.  I kept saying , but that’s who I am and what I do and I really am not in a position time-wise to do altruistic service.  I’ve done that throughout my earlier life in terms of serving in numerous nonprofit organizations in many different capacities often in leadership roles.  So its a been there done that thought.  When I re-listened to session 2 and heard Mark describe the definitions of the seven PPN’s, a bell sounded and lights came on.  Now it is time for me to declare Liberty as my true PPN so that I am in a position to have the resources to be able to be, do , and have the life I want. It is a real letting go of the cement which almost dictated to me that I had to be spread very widely I guess thinking that would make me more accepted.  I now accept me as being singularly focused on my mission to build my business and support my family fully.  In doing so I will be in a position to reengage in those other service roles when it is right to do so.  I am really looking forward to Go90Grow because I have never felt comfortable with the so-called numbers lie of network marketing.  Fortunately,  I have not burned any bridges of which I am aware of with my previous strategy, and in the same breath I have not been a very effective decision-collector either.  I am excited to learn the right skills combined with the MKMMA program proceeding forward.  that’s all for now. Love to all.

Week 4 Connecting to higher I or what I am use to calling the higher self.

The readings in the Master Key this week have  been both validating  and instructive.  Validating from the standpoint of pointing out that I have  known for years that I was not my body because years ago I was in a head on car crash and I have no recollection of the accident and spent about 20 hours apparently going to 3 different hospitals until I ended up at the Naval Hospital in Chelsea, MA part of Boston.  I ‘ve also know that I was not my mind because of the ability to almost leave your mind and look down upon yourself from an elevated position.  That may not communicate but it does to me. The instructional part is learning that by thinking what I want to be is what I can manifest is very empowering.  the word “imagine” takes on a whole new realm for me. If I break it up into two words Image and In,   it becomes far more useful to me to actually image in to subby what I want to be do or have is freeing and omnipotent because it is connectd to the universal mind.  During one of my meditations i found myself imagining the Vagus nerve connecting my brain with the solar plexus and thought how cool it was to be connecting subby with the conscious mind.  What a novel idea at least for me.  I’m sure many others have figured it out before.  It feels good however to make the connection.