Week 18 Fly Eagles Fly and Me Too

Well I can guess you can tell where my mind drifts off to from time to time this week as my beloved EAGLES have a big game on Sunday.  I love that as a result of this work that we are all doing in here, that my energy is much less frenetic than in the past about the  big game.  My fellow family members who are equally as passionate are wondering why Dad ( that’s me ) is not as engaged as they’re used to seeing me.  Don’t get me wrong,  I still want the EAGLES to win as much as ever, it’s just more tempered I guess.

I have loved reading the First Verity this week again twice a day.  I find it very empowering.  Lesson # 18 is also excellent. “He who has his heart in his work is certain to meet with unbounded success.” ” the degree of attention determines our capacity for the acquirement of knowledge, which is another name for power.”” the cultivation of attention depends upon practice… the incentive for attention is interest.” I find this linking tremendously instructive and enlightening. And  it all starts with thought which is the dynamic phase of mind. and finally “Thought is the energy which the law of attraction is brought into operation, which eventually manifests in abundance.” BAM!   Call me crazy but that speaks volumes to me.

I’ve been doing our work this week with more enthusiasm and I sense more enthusiasm in everything else I am doing. I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’m more confident and noticeably more happy inside me. I like that a lot. Finally, the key question, “What would the person I intend to become do next?” really simplifies the thinking and propels me into action and that is a good thing.



Week 17 HJ: To be or not to be the hero

When Mark started talking about refusing the call to be the hero, my only thought was, No way I’m in all the way, and with that decision I noticed a shift in me that has played out this week in a few ways that are very obvious to me.  As I relate them my hope is that I may be of service to others who may read this.  I understand that for some these might seem like nothing events but I’ve learned that I am nature’s greatest miracle and that no  one thinks like me and the importance of these to me is what counts.

Monday morning while I was in that quiet time before getting out of bed a thought came to me of an event that happened in 1971.  I had just discovered that I had been betrayed by a girl to whom I had been engaged and was 16 days away from marrying in 1969 when I was in a car accident that resulted in a lengthy recovery of almost 2 years.  The important part of the story for this week was that I thought that I had actually gone thru the appropriate stages of anger, disappointment, grief , and forgiveness and that I had totally cleansed myself of what I needed to do to move on with my life. As I processed this memory, I was actually in a much more objective state of mind and was thinking more of why did this come up again.  At that point almost  like a flash I realized the one piece that was missing was that I had never been grateful for her and that the event had happened so I could learn from it. and being able to move on.  For me, that was very liberating and even humorous.  Gratitude is everywhere and I truly see it everywhere.

The other two events that occurred were in my business world. One of  my partners had approached a suspect and friend who had fallen and broken her wrist on the ice. I also knew the suspect but not as well as my partner did, and I knew that she would want her wrist to heal as fast as possible so she could be ready for the spring golf season.  My partner said the suspect was very interested in learning how the technology helped with the healing and asked me to send her some information.  However, The suspect had changed her mind about a follow up 3 way call after the initial contact and the info I sent her and had decided she was not interested.  In the past I would have merely accepted that and moved on.  However the breakthrough for me was that I did not even hesitate, and I just picked up the phone and called her to find out what had happened for her to change her mind.  The outcome of the call is not the important part of the story.  The important part was that I did not hesitate to call her.  By the way the outcome did reopen her mind.

The final event in which I noticed a change in my reaction was  how I reacted to receiving a scathing email which in the past would have leveled me, but it didn’t and in fact has brought forth the courage in me to confront the individual in an understanding and compassionate way that I would have just totally avoided in the past.  The color training has helped in this one as well.

My hero is coming forth from within and it is fun.

Week 17 Concentrate and Practice Week

As I reflect on my week,  I feel really engaged in everything I do when I am doing it.  As I flipped thru my cards at some of my accomplishments, I remembered how much I was concentrating at the time to accomplish those things that I had set my mind to do.  Whether it was writing my thesis in college, or taking the CPA exam, or singing a solo at a concert in Philadelphia. The one thing they all had in common was the concentration while I was preparing or practicing to accomplish those goals. It was like a light bulb went on and I realized that it was the burning desire that kept me focused, the plan of action that I was committed to, and the concentration and practice that propelled me into a successful outcome.  So as I reviewed the Go90Grow videos and started to transcribe the words so that I might practice them over and over again, I realized that I had been doing what we were learning most of my life unconsciously to be successful in many of my more challenging goals.  So what that means is that now I consciously know how important a burning desire in alignment with my definite major purpose is supported by a written plan of action which includes improving my skills makes anything possible.

The other big breakthrough was the realization that came out of the Go90Grow skills seminar about Fear and Laziness.  It is laziness or an unwillingness to practice the skills that I was pretending was fear that held me back from using the skills and making the calls I want to be making for my network to grow.  So I am learning the skills by practicing them and using them  and most importantly concentrating on them and not just going thru the motions.  I am so much happier and more confident than I have been in a couple of years with the vision of my business.  My Franklin Makeover thought for this week is taking initiative and I find myself doing it with very little hesitation.  And that in itself is so wonderful for me. Thanks for checking this out. Till next week Love to all!

Week 16 A Really Good Week

The most significant event that happened this week is that my second son arrived to visit after serving his final days in the US Army.  I haven’t seen him for 18 months and it was heartwarming for me to see how much more mature he has become. However, what was most interesting to me was how I was with him.  I think I stepped back from my role as a father and was just with him as a fellow human being on the same path.  I noticed that I wasn’t in the advice giving mode or the judging mode or the imposing my will mode.  I often felt like the observer looking from a little higher plane.  We had some wonderful conversations as I shared about the MKMMA program. He was very open and vulnerable and a joy to be with.  I felt an increased level of self confidence in him. I also felt a bit more inner peace for him as he seems to have resolved his relationship with his mother, which has been a challenge for some time.

I was thrilled that this was kindness week as well.  It really helped me focus on that aspect of me and others.  I have perceived that I was always a kindly person but to bring more focus to it certainly heightened my awareness of it in me and others.  It made for a very pleasant and fruitful week as well.  I felt a breakthrough as far as my business was concerned in terms of energy.  I apologized to my doctor for calling him a bit of jerk a few weeks ago when he did what his training would have dictated that he do in reviewing some research material I had given him.  At that point I was thinking he should just accept everything I say at face value.  I failed to take into consideration where he was coming from.  We had a laugh about it and there was no friction which there has been in the past because we are both somewhat strong-minded. By the end of  the meeting he was influenced into taking a next step in becoming a collaborator.  I can’t help but think the kindness attitude aided in this process.  As Og says, ” Also I seek to constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted.”  The cool thing was though that I had no feeling of being manipulative but rather just being the real genuine me.  I liked that.

The reading in section 16 is very powerful this week.  It took me a few times to really zero in and understand it, but wow was it worth it.  32. ” If you wish to bring about the realization of any desire, form a mental picture of success in your mind, by consciously visualizing your desire: in this way you will be compelling success, you will be externalizing it in your life by scientific methods.” BAM! Zowey Zoo!


Week 15 One of My Heroes Ben Franklin Comes Thru

Having grown up in Philadelphia, I have always been interested in the life of Ben Franklin and his teachings.  I was even fortunate enough to attend graduate school at the university he founded and always enjoyed passing by a sculpture of Ben Franklin sitting on a park bench on the campus.  As a youth, I spent many a Saturday afternoon in the fall attending University of Pennsylvania football games at the the stadium named for him, Franklin Field.  So what does that have do with the business at hand which is blogging about this week MKMMA?  Maybe not much, but it sure felt comfortable when we were taught that we would be using Franklin’s Makeover as a guide for the latter part of this experience since I already held him in high regard.

I must say I have to relate to you that for years I have been telling a story about Franklin that I discovered this week was not true.  I had  found the story that Franklin had never used the virtue of humility as one of his virtues because he had said that if ever became truly humble that he would be proud of that as well.  To my surprise, when I discovered that he had determined that humility was an important virtue, I was a bit shocked.  It’s still a good line just not true.

The first virtue that popped up for me that I needed to work on is Well-Organized.  It is definitely something as a yellow I need to work on and look forward to doing so.  I have already noticed that I am doing a better job of keeping my desk a little neater which I have discovered makes it easier to focus on what I am working on in the moment.  I remember a time management seminar I took years ago drilling into me that all the incompletes in my life was sapping energy  from my being present and fully focused.  I think being organized  in my work space is a good starting point especially at the beginning of a new year.  I am looking forward to keeping focused on this aspect of my life because I believe it is crucial to making a move forward much manageable. I also like the positive way Mark teaches this concept is far more powerful than finding fault method that Franklin used.

Let me conclude as Ben Franklin would have totally supported, GO QUAKERS!dp005_0






Week 14: A Trip and a Flick

I have many thoughts spinning around because I just finished watching “Cool Runnings”.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the story and the movie, I was really taken by how much I am learning and relearning was so prevalent throughout the entire length of the story-line. Of course, I was filled with emotions and chokey feelings at numerous times which added to my total pleasure in being so engaged in the story and the characters.  I love that I was able to see it from a different elevation and see the teachings of persistence, practice, master-minding, teamwork, old blue prints, visualization, concentration, focus, POA’s, and purpose. They are all there. Just Wonderful!  Very Inspiring!  I can’t wait to see the other movies soon. I have a feeling that watching movies in general just got a whole lot more engaging.

As far as the trip to be with family since my last post.  The trip went very well and although there were logistical and comfort issues that could have been better, I found it very easy to just roll with it and be the observer in many situations.  The seven laws of the mind are terrific concepts to fall back on when needed to continue to move forward and not slip back into the old blue print.  Harmony was a perfect lesson for the week and I was constantly focused on that characteristic.  We had an especially long (13.5 Hours) drive home which normally takes 11.5 hours but I was using the compass and not the clock as my guide so I didn’t give the old wiring any reinforcement so there was no firing of old patterns.  I found that really kept harmony present and is a welcome change. Looking forward to spending more time with this now that my trip is over, but I love my progress.

Week 13 A Week on the Move

A very hectic week as it is always getting ready to go back to Philadelphia and actually packing up and making the 2 day drive.  The difference this year however is that I wasn’t really stressed out by the whole ordeal.  I noticed that I actually got far more accomplished but with very little if any angst.  As I mentioned on our tribe call this week,  it doesn’t have to be stressful, it’s just a matter of getting things done.  I truly love being the doer and also the observer.  I ‘ve also discovered how much better I am at receiving feedback from my wife and not being defensive.  I am appreciating her and loving her even more.  Our packing and organizing to leave seemed so much more collaborative than in previous years which meant that there was not the former tension that I had felt between us in the past.  This is a welcome shift in energy.

I’ll be interested to see how I react to going thru many of our family rituals around Christmas which in the past I have had a real problem with because it seems like groundhog day again and again.  I will finish this  thought next week after having seen how it goes and how I do with it.  I am very positive about enjoying the experience fully.

Merry Christmas and Love to all.