Week 22 Using the Magnifying Glass

Focus and concentration to no one’s surprise here pay huge dividends. This week I have dug in deeply to the Go90Grow program specifically focusing on the Hero’s Journey skill section.  Going over the online videos for the second time allows me to get to a level of understanding the concepts which in turn allows me to internalize and visualize the whole thing so much more easily.  As a result the words to use are just there because it makes sense to me now.  My review also awakened me to see that the method  is a blessing for me and the suspect/possibility.  This blog however is not about the Go90 Grow course per se but about my heightened ability to concentrate and thereby learn the material.

I noticed the same result with the reading of Part 22 of the Master Key Experience.  Deeper understanding of the text not just a shallow reading with my wandering from time to time. Speaking of the Master Key, while I was reading it there was a reference to Dr. Albert Schofield  so I googled him and in my searching discovered some information that I loved about the Master Key Experience.  It was rumored but not confirmed that it was banned by the Church in 1933.  Either way it must have been a bit of challenge for the status quo and the entrenched  institutions to accept.  And it was the book that Bill Gates started reading while at Harvard and, as the story goes, guided him to imagine everyone with a computer on every desktop.  He left Harvard to follow his vision. Pretty cool?  Apparently it is very popular among entrepreneurs in  Silicon Valley.  Also, it is safe to say that Haanel and Schofield were way ahead of  their time.  The idea that one’s thinking patterns actually affects one’s health was mind-blowing when the Master Key was published I’m sure.  But it seems to be more widely accepted today.

On the homefront, my wife and I are doing things together more than in the past when we tended to do our own perceived tasks alone. This past week we did two things as a team and it was fun, rewarding, and it seemed so much more in harmony.  The initiative for doing these things together came from reading of the Color Code book and learning that I was good at starting things and my wife is not so good at getting started with something but is wonderful when she can jump in and help out. I let go of my ego thing of doing it all and the result was twofold: we got the task done faster and we felt closer  afterwards. That is a win/win in my book.

I’ve been continuing to expand my comfort zone and am very much aware of an inner sense of calm  and peace in situations which in the past would have given rise to that uncomfortable feeling in my gut.  I’ve specifically noticed this when making phone calls in connection with my mlm business. They are just easier to make now.

I am loving the growth and the love. Bye for now.


10 thoughts on “Week 22 Using the Magnifying Glass

  1. Re-read your blog again as it really hit home last night. My mother was a golfer and could have turned pro if she wanted. One of her favorite sayings was “keep your eye on the ball”. She had more hole in one trophies than anyone I ever knew. Great blog…thank you David!

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    1. Your Mom sounds like my wife with the holes in one. She’s had 4.thank you for your comments. I thiink that uncomfortable feeling comes from the Vagus nerve. I just saw a youtube on it by Deepak Chopra


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