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January 15, 2019 The Post and Courier, Charleston SC.

Local Entrepreneur Manifests Dream of Optimizing Health for Humanity

Martha McCallum from Fox News interviews David Peake from Stono Ferry in Charleston County

MM: It is such a pleasure to meet you in person after hearing so much about you and your marvelous story of you successfully building a network of other successful entrepreneurs all sharing a first-to-market technology that is truly changing the face of health care around the world. Perhaps and most shocking is that you do not appear to be a spring chicken, so how does a man of your years even have a dream like you did to build a multi-level marketing network starting at the age of 73?

DP:  Wow, that is a great question and not one that I’m sure I have the answer to since dreams probably have to do with a power that is much bigger than all of us, and one that is still not fully understood by us humans.  You might say it is above my pay-grade.

MM: That’s fair, but let me ask you this,  when and how did you have an inkling that health care and this kind of thing might be in your future?

DP: Now that is something I could start to talk about but we will have to go back to 1983.  At the time, I had climbed the corporate ladder in a life insurance company to a senior officer position in the financial end of the business, but felt that I was just going thru the motions and not feeling at all fulfilled. It was at that point that I attended a 5 day personal growth seminar facilitated by a fellow named Jack Canfield. You probably know of him because he went on to become a very successful author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.  What’s most interesting is that he had at one point worked for W. Clement Stone, who was also a businessman and self help guru who preceded the current generation of motivational speakers and educators.  There will be a link to him further along in the story.

Shortly after completing that program which truly transformed me and awakened me to the possibility of getting out of the corporate rut I was in, I read a book called The Save Your Life Diet by David Reuben and was intrigued to find out that one could actually eat differently and reduce your risks of getting certain diseases.  This book truly hit a nerve in me because my father had passed over at the young age of 68 of colon cancer, and boy did I wake up then.  Perhaps this answers the question for you about why was my health important to me.

MM: I see the connection with health now, and it makes a lot of sense, but what about the network marketing piece. Where did that come from?

DP:  I’m so glad you refocused me because I can tend to ramble on in minutia if allowed to. Well, it was a couple of years later.  I received an audiotape in the mail.  It was some guy talking about the miracles that could happen in your body if you started eating a form of algae that grew naturally in Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon.  Well you know what?  I got some and it made my back pain go away.  I thought boy, that’s amazing and there was a way to make money sharing this stuff thru a network marketing model of distribution.  I said to myself I could do that.  I studied the numbers using both my CPA and MBA and the model made perfect sense to me.  So I was in .  I quickly came to learn that I wasn’t so good at getting other people to eat algae regardless of how good it was for them and how passionate I was about the distribution model and the algae.

MM So I get it, you had been introduced to network marketing and that made sense to you but since the product was algae that was too much of leap in the early 90’s for people to jump into?

DP: Exactly, of course now here we are in the year 2019 and algae has become a staple of most health conscious people due to it high anti-oxidant value.  I was what Simon Sinec calls an innovator or early adopter.

MM: So what did you do?

DP:  I went to work as a retirement coach and investment manager for a group that did a lot of work helping employees of major pharmaceutical companies determine what to do with their money and retirement packages. We eventually moved to Charleston South Carolina to our dream home on a golf course and I started trading stocks, options, and futures on my own.  I was doing okay, not great, and in October 2014, my life took a turn.

MM: What do you mean?

DP: Well perhaps I should say it took a return. A return to my passion of health and also network marketing.  I found the perfect fit for me in terms of a breakthrough technology that was a category creator,  a company that was above reproach when it came to integrity and its mission, and a product that I was passionate about that had a profound impact on the health of my wife and me.  It was literally a match made in heaven.

MM: So that was when you found the vehicle that has brought you to this point, correct?  That was when you decided to link up with ASEA for the long term and not look back?

DP: An unqualified , YES. It was the best decision I have ever made.  I have never wavered or questioned my decision since that moment.  I will say it wasn’t without its challenges since it was a breakthrough technology,  but it didn’t have the yuck factor of blue green algae.  At the time, people weren’t  knocking my door down to get their hands on redox signaling molecules because we were maybe ten years ahead of out time, but I knew the science was sound, the testimonials of people’s lives being changed were compelling, and the world was going to know about this.  It felt so right like nothing I had ever been so sure of in my life and I wanted to help lead the way.

MM: Well all I can say is WOW! I felt that all the way to my core.  And when the interview is over, I would like to find out more about this, but that is not what this interview is about.  This is about what happened then to bring you to this level of success.

DP: Well in September 2017, two very powerful discoveries happened almost simultaneously. First, I was introduced to a personal development program called Master Key Experience Mastermind Alliance, MKMMA for short.  Second, ASEA released some research on the effect of the product on gene expression which was in fact stunning.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me to have these two influences intersect in my life at this time.  They literally catapulted me into action, along with a network marketing program developed by Mark Januszewski and the MKMMA team called Go90Grow.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that earlier in his career Mark had also worked with W. Clement Stone just like Jack Canfield had.  How ’bout that?  As a result,  I became a professional network marketer and a loving soul in the world.  The combination of the two empowered me to let my light shine and move mountains.

MM:  Well I must say you are as positive a person as I’ve interviewed in years.  As you know, I spend most of my time interviewing politicians and  it is not so easy to draw them out.  They are guarded and  hesitant  and are never as open as you have been. Thank You.

DP: Your very welcome and  Thank You.  I must admit I have been a fan of yours going all the way back to  your days on CNBC.  I’ve had a sneaker for you all these years and was thrilled when you came over to FOX News.  I think your interviews are very professional.  I like that you allow the interviewee to express him or herself without your trying to impose your own agenda into the conversation.  I ‘m sorry our time together is almost at an end.  I know my brother is gong to be terribly envious of me having this time with you.  Let me say how much fun you have made this and thank you for being so warm and welcoming to me. This has been just a dream come true.

MM: Well, Let’s see if we can wrap this up.  It’s now January 2019, your’e going to be 75 in a few months and you seem to have the energy and enthusiasm of a recent college graduate.  What have you created so far and where do you see yourself three years from now.

DP:  Great question Martha. Well, let’s answer that in two ways,  first from a service perspective and then from a personal perspective.  From the former, it looks like I have truly helped create a network of very healthy people who are not dependent on pharmaceutical products.  Their bodies are regenerating cells as they were designed to do, and not subjecting themselves to the multitude of degenerative diseases that formerly were so prevalent.  In addition, many have created their own networks of healthy folks as well as the technology behind ASEA has finally come of age so to speak. Because of this, many folks have found financial freedom to the level with which they are satisfied, and some have exceeded even their own wildest dreams.

On a personal level,  Cam and I have discovered our true selves. We are living the life we were born to live. Liberty from the standpoint that we really don’t worry about the money thing anymore. We have everything we want. Cam only works when she want to, which quite frankly isn’t very much. We’re not fancy livers because we just don’t choose an excessive lifestyle, but in the same breath money is never the reason we don’t have or don’t do something. My health is excellent in all aspects; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.   Cam’s is as well and we are truly blessed.

Three years from now I see more of the same at this point.  Our life is so fulfilling and joyful.  I actually see me continuing to do more of helping people to see the light that is within them so that they can manifest their dreams. Having done it, I know it is possible for everyone and anyone.  Fortunately, since I have the ability and now the knowledge to create and manifest what I want, who knows what’s possible three years from now.

Thanks so much Martha.

MM: Thank You David