Week 21 – Universal Mind is Unconditional and Becoming Free

Another cement busting week which has been evolving day by day.  This week has just seemed to fly by and I think that has a lot to do with reviewing Mark’s recording on using anger, fear, unworthiness, hurt feelings, and guilt as tools at the beginning of the week.  I loved going back to old memories that popped into my conscious mind from wherever they are in the ethers where I had those feelings and just observing them, not reliving them, and realizing that because I still had them somewhere in my consciousness that they were part of the old cement that still needed to released.  And then to notice than whenever those same feelings come up now that they are in fact tools to be used to move thru them and not roadblocks that stop me.

One that I have allowed to be a roadblock for me up until now was the thought that I was interrupting people when I called them on the phone.  So this week especially I’ve let that one go which has really freed me up.   I know exactly where the hurt feelings developed years ago when I called one of my best friends and  he got pissed at me for interrupting him at work.  It’s never happened since but at an unconscious level, I piled some cement on that hurt feeling like a band-aid to guard me from letting it happen again.  So all that did was keep it in place and every time I made a phone call, it was there at some deeper level , so it took an act of will-power to overcome it.  How exhausting has that been?  It’s so much fun to understand how this mechanism works so that it can be repaired so to speak.  I hope that makes sense and is helpful to others of how to use that lesson.  The bottom-line for me is that my comfort zone has expanded.

Regarding Part 21 in the Master Key,  WOW! there is so much meat there.  Spiritual laws, just like the laws of electricity, mathematics, and chemistry, are definite, scientific, exact,and operate with immutable precision.  I remember loving mathematics and chemistry because there was a right answer…not that I always got it right, but I liked that there was a correct answer.

To realize that each individual is a channel to the Universal Mind and it is our ability to think that is our ability to act upon this Universal Substance, and that what we think, including big and small thoughts,  is what is created or produced in the objective world. In the sit instructions,  I was so taken by the concept that nothing can stand in the way of scientifically correct thought,methods, and principles.  Bam!


9 thoughts on “Week 21 – Universal Mind is Unconditional and Becoming Free

  1. David it is so wonderful the freedom that this program gives us…unconditional love is total freedom with room to be safe and free and think and create our own world! Isn’t that awesome…it makes me laugh with major joy!

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  2. I agree and I think more in terms of the course guiding us to discover what was always there and now to let it shine. Definitely Fun to laugh again for real.. thanks for your contribution to my growth.


  3. What a great week you had! Your experience with the phone call years ago, reminds me of an incident I had years ago, with a very similar effect. I don’t want to bother people… Great that you have let this go the way of bad dreams, and I am planning to do the same! Thanks for relating that! Being the observer does allow us to look on without the emotional attachment, see what happened and let it go. You must be feeling much lighter than you did a week ago! Way to go!

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  4. Interesting how I remember it so vividly to this dayand i thought I had processed it so that it didn’t bother me, but it has been in charge all these years up until now. It’s now great to use it a tool to expand the comfort zone. Of course I always ask whomever i call if this is a good time to talk. that really takes care of that problem. As you said Deborah though the idea of “bothering ” people has often stopped me in the past from even picking up the phone. thanks for your comment.


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