Week 24 The Emerging New Blueprint

The last two weeks have been pretty spectacular for me. I truly feel a shift for me and realize that the best is yet to come.  Last week, I drove to work to Kiawah for my one day a week working on a golf course as a ranger.  After I checked in, I arrived back at my car and one of the guys told me I had a flat tire on the right rear that I was totally unaware of after driving for about a half hour.  However, It was what happened subsequently that I am still in wonder about.  I was able to drive the car to the maintenance shed and literally just happened to run into a friend of mine Brad who is in charge of the golf course maintenance and told him of my dilemma.  The fact that he was there at that moment was surprising.  He could have been anywhere in a five mile radius.  I moved the car to the appropriate place for filling the air in the tire and Brad filled it.  He wondered if there was a nail or screw in it, and he reached down and just happened to find it right away where he first felt the tire. Amazing! At that moment a maintenance truck drove up and Tim got out and Brad asked him if had a couple of minutes to plug the tire, which he did and then replaced it all within about 5 minutes. So from the time I discovered I had a flat tire to being back on the road was a total of about ten minutes. It was like being in the pits at NASCAR race.   I hope you get that for that to happen as it did, the stars had to aligned and I had to be in the flow of something and so did the other guys have to be in a similar flow.  Now I would understand that most would just say I was lucky and it was all just a coincidence. But I choose to think that higher powers were at work for all those things to happen in the timely manner as  I describe it.  Either way though I’ll take it.

The next day I drove four hours to North Carolina to  a 5 hour seminar and back again after accomplishing my purpose, and that night upon my return attended a St Patrick’s day party, sang a duet with my wife without so much as twinge of nervousness. Went to bed about midnight and still wasn’t very tired.  Now I could see doing that at age 35 with not much sweat  but I am going to be 74 in May.  I attribute a lot of that to the Law of Least Effort and practicing Acceptance.  I noticed that I didn’t fret over any of the little things that in the past could have triggered a little angst, but none of it was there for the whole 8 hours in the car. I love it.

Finally, I have so been overwhelmed with joy after a  number of readings of the Week 24 in the Master Key Experience and also reading in Think and Grow Rich in the  Go90Grow course in the sections on Desire and Faith.  I have been struggling for years trying figure out faith and prayer because I had it hooked up all wrong and relating to a religious thing.  I truly think I understand it now and realize I have had a similar enlightenment years ago but questioned myself as Emerson talks about in self reliance.  I now am trusting my inner voice because I know its source and it’s all good (God).  I have also reread and re-absorbed the Week 20 reading which combined with Week 24 is a helluva hit to one’s, and in this case my, consciousness and belief system. I am so grateful for the effort that Mark, Daveene,  Derek, Dayna, and the rest of the guides and every one in this group have put into this Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  I feel so humbled to be able to continue this journey with all of you as I retake Go90Grow. A ton of cement has dropped away and the new blueprint is being drawn with me as the architect. How fun is that for a yellow. Thanks thanks thanks!

Since we are all connected,  I just encourage us all to continue breathing those omniscient, omnipotent. and omnipresent Universal Intelligent ethers. Love to all.


14 thoughts on “Week 24 The Emerging New Blueprint

  1. Yes God is our inner voice. The only way to go is to listen to the inner voice…remember Mark J and the Be Still and Know, then Be Still and then Be. Silence was so wonderful…in stillness and silence His voice speaks. And also someone told me tonight “do what makes you smile”. I think that also is God wanting me to be happy…His voice speaks to me as I smile.

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  2. Of course now we are in tune! Great NASCAR mechanic this program is! We all are running true north with our compasses and enlarging our life with the magnifying glass!

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  3. I think the more you recognize those synchronized moments the more of them you get. It starts with these small moments as tokens of synchonizising, and then you will have moments with greater importance. It seems that you really are in the flow! I also think that those synchronized moments are token for you to understand that you do just the right things. So just keep on thinking and doing what you have done lately. It can’t be other than perfect and right!

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  4. Simply amazing, David. As we have been learning, if we are observers, whatever we need will appear exactly when we need it.
    Several months ago we had a flat tire on a busy Interstate Highway. No sooner had I located and taken the jack out of the back of our SUV, a kind gentleman in a pickup truck stopped, ran over, completely changed the tire and put the flat in the car. He refused any kind of payment, other than a “Thank you”.

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