Week22A Shhhhh: Very Quiet This Week

Well I was able to do my 48 hours of silence starting on Wednesday Evening and completing it on Friday evening a few hours ago. At this point, it may be too early to R2A2 because I don’t recall very much noteworthy about the experience.  Perhaps since I already spend a lot of time by myself it wasn’t that different for me other than no computer or  internet or TV, which I have already cut out for the most part.  I picked a time when my wife was going to be away anyway so that made it a lot easier. I  would however mention that my sits were quite a bit longer, more vivid and seemed more connected. During one of them I was able to  confirm that what I am doing still resonates very strongly within me so I just want to get going in a more action-oriented manner.

I loved the the Wallace Wattles piece: The Science of Getting Rich.  I found myself taking notes furiously which helps me lock in the learning. Fortunately,  I mentioned how much I was taken by it to my mastermind buddy Jack Shea and he was able to email a PDF file  of the whole piece so I now have it in written form as well.

The Science of Getting Rich fit in so well with the beginning of the Go90Grow program and the Think and Grow Rich section.  I am retaking it and I really got in touch with my burning desire to make money and turn on a piece of me that has been far too passive for far too  long and gotten me in financial trouble of late.  I now see the skills I am learning in Go90Grow propelling me forward into action.  Another piece that fell into place was that I was able to influence 3 partners of mine to enroll in the Go90Grow course and they are excited about what’s happening there also. This will provide me with the MasterMind that will help us all.

Finally, I still find reading Emerson to be one of the biggest challenges I face. It is the vocabulary he uses which just makes it so tedious. I am looking up more words and it is taking a long time to get thru it. Fortunately I am living by the compass and not by the clock.

So as I said in my title this week, it’s been a quiet week but a good one for learning . I’ll be back in touch next week.





9 thoughts on “Week22A Shhhhh: Very Quiet This Week

  1. The silence and then Wattles just seem to fit so well with everything we have done…everything continues to amaze me…especially with what has happened in my life. I found the Science of Getting Rich on You Tube…the same monotone voice with the almost black screen. Wattles is mind blowing…never heard anything like that.

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  2. Great post! I love to hear how you are fitting all the pieces together. Those ahaa! moments are so rich and can lead to deeper pondering… continue strong in your journey!


  3. I really appreciated your sharing about how you are connecting Wattle’s The Science of Getting Rich and GO90Grow as I am still trying to catch up with Go90Grow at this point. It is encouraging so thank you!

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