Week 20 Great Week and Rewarding Reconnection

Well friends, this was a terrific week for me.  I stayed up a  little later than normal on Monday night reading and delving into Part 20 of the Master Key.  I was so taken by it that when I finished I decided to reach out to some friend on Marco Polo inviting  them to get on board with it.  One of them was my 13 year old granddaughter whom I have not communicated with for 14 months.  The reason it has been so long is that my former daughter-in-law has cut off access to her.  My son has not been able to be in contact with her for a few years.  I have felt somewhat helpless with this situation since my son was in the army and could not even talk with his daughter on the phone.  Fast Forward to Tuesday morning, she ( Lillie) messaged back that she would give it a try and Lo and behold, we have communicated every day since via Marco Polo.  This has filled a hole in my heart and I am grateful to MKMMA for introducing me to Marco Polo and for opening up my creativity and courage to take the action.  I’m remembering a line from a seminar I took 34 years ago:”The universe rewards action”.

I continued to read Part 20 and highlighted it. Of course by the time I finished highlighting, almost the entire lesson was highlighted.  There are so many gems in there. Of course, I have a feeling if I were to go back and re-read the previous 19 lessons, I would feel the same way about those chapters as well.  I’m sure  because I’ve grown so much.  I also thought that I needed to re listen to the webinar about the instructions for the requirement to post in the Tools for Expanding   section. When i did it was almost like , ” have I even heard this before?”  The Fabulous Daveene’s explanation of the comfort zone, the fight or flight response and linking it to Anger and Fear. Wow. I definitely had a tendency to the flight response especially when faced with someone who chose the anger or fight modality.  I remember my programming which although it didn’t serve me always,  ” give in to keep the peace”, I usually adopted .  The Peptides.  the f…ing peptides.   And finally seemlessly bringing the subject full circle to discover that it was the old blue print which had put those limits on me and that we stick with what is comfortable instead of risking and stretching that comfort zone by using fear, unworthiness, anger, guilt, and hurt feelings as tools with which to stretch.  So freaking empowering if I might say.  Let me just say, I hope this week was as good for you as it was for me.

Finally, there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.


11 thoughts on “Week 20 Great Week and Rewarding Reconnection

  1. Wonderful post David! Great insight and follow through with the Master Key Training. Congratulations on the break through and communication with your Grand Daughter. That is so exciting and will lead to good things in the future as well!

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  2. I am happy for you and your progress! It is so wonderful when you have this enlightening moments. It’s like the clouds (that you hardly noticed before) just dissolve in the air and the sun is shining on you with the beautiful warmth and you suddenly wake up and feel alive. And I am also happy that you could establish contact with your grand daughter again. Relations are so important!


  3. David saw you earlier tonight on a Zoom call that ended about 25 minutes ago. Did you get the last thought written down? If you did would you please e-mail it to me. Thanks, Amy

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