Week 19 They Did fly and So Am I

Shortly after Mark’s coffee last Sunday, I witnessed perhaps the  most exciting offensive football  games in history.  And fortunately for me, my beloved Philadelphia Eagles won the game mainly because a fellow named Brandon Graham made one spectacular defensive play.  As a result, The Eagles won their first Super Bowl after failing 2 times in the past.  Now for the part that has to do with the work we are doing.  In the past I was a very passionate fan and would experience highs and lows throughout any game but especially one of this magnitude at least in the eyes of the those who follow professional football.  For me, my intensity was very high but my emotional ups and downs in reaction to what was happening in the game were much  more measured.  I kept saying to myself , “this is very cool to be able to enjoy the game as fully without all the old blue print reactive emotions.

Also this week I started to employ the skills and strategies  of Go90Grow in an effective manner in having numerous conversations and making contact with people i haven’t spoken to in years. I felt so confident and effective even though I didn’t do it perfectly and that was OK with me.  This is very exciting.

In the lesson this week we focused on concentration as a way to help develop our vital force.  I was able to understand much more of the reading with increased concentration. I really got the comparison of electricity to our vital force.  We may not ever know either but that by complying with the laws and principles by which our vital force is governed, we can open ourselves to a  more abundant inflow of this vital energy, and thus express the highest possible degree of mental, moral, and spiritual efficiency. How cool is that?

There is so much meat in the lesson this week about how Mind is the only principle and it is operative in the physical, mental, moral, and spiritual world. I noticed in my sit this morning how much more I was to concentrate on what I had chosen to concentrate on before my mind wondered.  It just seemed to me that I was noticing that it had wondered away a little more quickly so that I was able to bring it back to my intended focus.

Well that’s it for now and thank you Eagles. Bye for now. Peace to all.


5 thoughts on “Week 19 They Did fly and So Am I

  1. This was a great read, David! Although I’m not a huge football fan (it was a prison I was in, in my childhood with 4 brothers and my dad!) I can appreciate the enthusiasm for your team and the excitement of the win! There has been lots of material to percolate this week-lots to ponder!

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