Week 17 HJ: To be or not to be the hero

When Mark started talking about refusing the call to be the hero, my only thought was, No way I’m in all the way, and with that decision I noticed a shift in me that has played out this week in a few ways that are very obvious to me.  As I relate them my hope is that I may be of service to others who may read this.  I understand that for some these might seem like nothing events but I’ve learned that I am nature’s greatest miracle and that no  one thinks like me and the importance of these to me is what counts.

Monday morning while I was in that quiet time before getting out of bed a thought came to me of an event that happened in 1971.  I had just discovered that I had been betrayed by a girl to whom I had been engaged and was 16 days away from marrying in 1969 when I was in a car accident that resulted in a lengthy recovery of almost 2 years.  The important part of the story for this week was that I thought that I had actually gone thru the appropriate stages of anger, disappointment, grief , and forgiveness and that I had totally cleansed myself of what I needed to do to move on with my life. As I processed this memory, I was actually in a much more objective state of mind and was thinking more of why did this come up again.  At that point almost  like a flash I realized the one piece that was missing was that I had never been grateful for her and that the event had happened so I could learn from it. and being able to move on.  For me, that was very liberating and even humorous.  Gratitude is everywhere and I truly see it everywhere.

The other two events that occurred were in my business world. One of  my partners had approached a suspect and friend who had fallen and broken her wrist on the ice. I also knew the suspect but not as well as my partner did, and I knew that she would want her wrist to heal as fast as possible so she could be ready for the spring golf season.  My partner said the suspect was very interested in learning how the technology helped with the healing and asked me to send her some information.  However, The suspect had changed her mind about a follow up 3 way call after the initial contact and the info I sent her and had decided she was not interested.  In the past I would have merely accepted that and moved on.  However the breakthrough for me was that I did not even hesitate, and I just picked up the phone and called her to find out what had happened for her to change her mind.  The outcome of the call is not the important part of the story.  The important part was that I did not hesitate to call her.  By the way the outcome did reopen her mind.

The final event in which I noticed a change in my reaction was  how I reacted to receiving a scathing email which in the past would have leveled me, but it didn’t and in fact has brought forth the courage in me to confront the individual in an understanding and compassionate way that I would have just totally avoided in the past.  The color training has helped in this one as well.

My hero is coming forth from within and it is fun.


7 thoughts on “Week 17 HJ: To be or not to be the hero

  1. So interesting when we realize that past events are/were there to help, inform, and teach. Now as we reflect we are also getting better at now realizing that lesson in the moment. My stories are different, yet similar, than yours. Different yet similar. Different circumstances perhaps, but very much the same lesson. Alliance!

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    1. Thanks Carl for your comments. I find it very empowering to realize that we are certainly here to learn an grow. AS you said learning the lessons in the moment is very powerful and energizing.


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