Week 17 Concentrate and Practice Week

As I reflect on my week,  I feel really engaged in everything I do when I am doing it.  As I flipped thru my cards at some of my accomplishments, I remembered how much I was concentrating at the time to accomplish those things that I had set my mind to do.  Whether it was writing my thesis in college, or taking the CPA exam, or singing a solo at a concert in Philadelphia. The one thing they all had in common was the concentration while I was preparing or practicing to accomplish those goals. It was like a light bulb went on and I realized that it was the burning desire that kept me focused, the plan of action that I was committed to, and the concentration and practice that propelled me into a successful outcome.  So as I reviewed the Go90Grow videos and started to transcribe the words so that I might practice them over and over again, I realized that I had been doing what we were learning most of my life unconsciously to be successful in many of my more challenging goals.  So what that means is that now I consciously know how important a burning desire in alignment with my definite major purpose is supported by a written plan of action which includes improving my skills makes anything possible.

The other big breakthrough was the realization that came out of the Go90Grow skills seminar about Fear and Laziness.  It is laziness or an unwillingness to practice the skills that I was pretending was fear that held me back from using the skills and making the calls I want to be making for my network to grow.  So I am learning the skills by practicing them and using them  and most importantly concentrating on them and not just going thru the motions.  I am so much happier and more confident than I have been in a couple of years with the vision of my business.  My Franklin Makeover thought for this week is taking initiative and I find myself doing it with very little hesitation.  And that in itself is so wonderful for me. Thanks for checking this out. Till next week Love to all!


15 thoughts on “Week 17 Concentrate and Practice Week

  1. Thank you for sharing, David. In flipping through my cards, i had a similar moment of clarity re the burning desire and accomplishments! I can do this-I’ve done it before… I haven’t gone through all the Go90Grow yet, but am looking forward to it. I am working through the “fear” obstacle… to be overcome!

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    1. Thanks Deborah. just a suggestion don’t try to overcome it because then it will still be there. Just notice it and then realize you are just making it up and then you can laugh at it ( your wonderful imagination), thank it for sharing and then let it go because it is not serving you anymore.

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  2. David, Great insights and great action. Yes, you have had it in you during your life and you have accomplished many impressive things. I too, have been getting up to speed on some of the Go90Grow skills, trying out the scripts in calls, modifying them where it seems appropriate. Just got to keep at it. Persisting. Cheers. Dave

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  3. Wow thanks for the blog…a lifetime salesman is the one who told me about Mark J…the salesman is a dear friend and he told me when fear strikes take a step forward…into some kind of action…will take you out of fear!

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    1. Thanks Amy, I remember anytime you stop yourself because of fear, reduce your thought to the next physical action like. For example, if it is a phone call your worried about making- put your hand on the phone,put the receiver to your ear, etc Just keep taking the next action. Thanks again.


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