Week 16 A Really Good Week

The most significant event that happened this week is that my second son arrived to visit after serving his final days in the US Army.  I haven’t seen him for 18 months and it was heartwarming for me to see how much more mature he has become. However, what was most interesting to me was how I was with him.  I think I stepped back from my role as a father and was just with him as a fellow human being on the same path.  I noticed that I wasn’t in the advice giving mode or the judging mode or the imposing my will mode.  I often felt like the observer looking from a little higher plane.  We had some wonderful conversations as I shared about the MKMMA program. He was very open and vulnerable and a joy to be with.  I felt an increased level of self confidence in him. I also felt a bit more inner peace for him as he seems to have resolved his relationship with his mother, which has been a challenge for some time.

I was thrilled that this was kindness week as well.  It really helped me focus on that aspect of me and others.  I have perceived that I was always a kindly person but to bring more focus to it certainly heightened my awareness of it in me and others.  It made for a very pleasant and fruitful week as well.  I felt a breakthrough as far as my business was concerned in terms of energy.  I apologized to my doctor for calling him a bit of jerk a few weeks ago when he did what his training would have dictated that he do in reviewing some research material I had given him.  At that point I was thinking he should just accept everything I say at face value.  I failed to take into consideration where he was coming from.  We had a laugh about it and there was no friction which there has been in the past because we are both somewhat strong-minded. By the end of  the meeting he was influenced into taking a next step in becoming a collaborator.  I can’t help but think the kindness attitude aided in this process.  As Og says, ” Also I seek to constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted.”  The cool thing was though that I had no feeling of being manipulative but rather just being the real genuine me.  I liked that.

The reading in section 16 is very powerful this week.  It took me a few times to really zero in and understand it, but wow was it worth it.  32. ” If you wish to bring about the realization of any desire, form a mental picture of success in your mind, by consciously visualizing your desire: in this way you will be compelling success, you will be externalizing it in your life by scientific methods.” BAM! Zowey Zoo!



9 thoughts on “Week 16 A Really Good Week

  1. Great post, David. What a wonderful story of the reunion between you and your son. Inspiring. I hope that one day I can get to such a good state of communication with my own son. Not quite there yet. I appreciate also your story of how a simple show of kindness helped to overcome a certain awkwardness that crept into your relationship with you doctor over a previous disagreement. Always good to get back on good terms with someone, and it did not seem to take much effort. Just kindness.

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