Week 15 One of My Heroes Ben Franklin Comes Thru

Having grown up in Philadelphia, I have always been interested in the life of Ben Franklin and his teachings.  I was even fortunate enough to attend graduate school at the university he founded and always enjoyed passing by a sculpture of Ben Franklin sitting on a park bench on the campus.  As a youth, I spent many a Saturday afternoon in the fall attending University of Pennsylvania football games at the the stadium named for him, Franklin Field.  So what does that have do with the business at hand which is blogging about this week MKMMA?  Maybe not much, but it sure felt comfortable when we were taught that we would be using Franklin’s Makeover as a guide for the latter part of this experience since I already held him in high regard.

I must say I have to relate to you that for years I have been telling a story about Franklin that I discovered this week was not true.  I had  found the story that Franklin had never used the virtue of humility as one of his virtues because he had said that if ever became truly humble that he would be proud of that as well.  To my surprise, when I discovered that he had determined that humility was an important virtue, I was a bit shocked.  It’s still a good line just not true.

The first virtue that popped up for me that I needed to work on is Well-Organized.  It is definitely something as a yellow I need to work on and look forward to doing so.  I have already noticed that I am doing a better job of keeping my desk a little neater which I have discovered makes it easier to focus on what I am working on in the moment.  I remember a time management seminar I took years ago drilling into me that all the incompletes in my life was sapping energy  from my being present and fully focused.  I think being organized  in my work space is a good starting point especially at the beginning of a new year.  I am looking forward to keeping focused on this aspect of my life because I believe it is crucial to making a move forward much manageable. I also like the positive way Mark teaches this concept is far more powerful than finding fault method that Franklin used.

Let me conclude as Ben Franklin would have totally supported, GO QUAKERS!dp005_0







6 thoughts on “Week 15 One of My Heroes Ben Franklin Comes Thru

  1. You, Ben and Rocky all have Philadelphia in common. I can see you running up the steps and hitting the carcasses in the cooler getting into shape for your next battle with your old self. Don’t know where that came from, David. Just a thought as I started my comment. Happy New Year. Talk with you soon.


  2. Really enjoyed your blog, David! To find our own … missed opportunities… so to speak, as you have done with the virtue of Well-Organized, is a great success! That you are already noticing the blessings to be derived from exercising that virtue is such a huge victory! Blessings to you as you continue to grow!


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