Week 14: A Trip and a Flick

I have many thoughts spinning around because I just finished watching “Cool Runnings”.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the story and the movie, I was really taken by how much I am learning and relearning was so prevalent throughout the entire length of the story-line. Of course, I was filled with emotions and chokey feelings at numerous times which added to my total pleasure in being so engaged in the story and the characters.  I love that I was able to see it from a different elevation and see the teachings of persistence, practice, master-minding, teamwork, old blue prints, visualization, concentration, focus, POA’s, and purpose. They are all there. Just Wonderful!  Very Inspiring!  I can’t wait to see the other movies soon. I have a feeling that watching movies in general just got a whole lot more engaging.

As far as the trip to be with family since my last post.  The trip went very well and although there were logistical and comfort issues that could have been better, I found it very easy to just roll with it and be the observer in many situations.  The seven laws of the mind are terrific concepts to fall back on when needed to continue to move forward and not slip back into the old blue print.  Harmony was a perfect lesson for the week and I was constantly focused on that characteristic.  We had an especially long (13.5 Hours) drive home which normally takes 11.5 hours but I was using the compass and not the clock as my guide so I didn’t give the old wiring any reinforcement so there was no firing of old patterns.  I found that really kept harmony present and is a welcome change. Looking forward to spending more time with this now that my trip is over, but I love my progress.


7 thoughts on “Week 14: A Trip and a Flick

  1. Great post, I love that you are could see the lessons in Cool Running. Being a better observer is a great muscle to develop.


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