Week 12 And away we go!

Another good week for me. It got off to a really somewhat surprising start since my last blog but before the Sunday night webinar.  I was doing my sit on Saturday morning and within about 5 minutes I started reciting the Lord’s Prayer, and as I recited  it I was breaking down the real meaning of the words as I think they were intended and I was like , WOW!  Now the surprising thing about this for me was that (full disclosure) I am not a church-goer although I was raised going to Sunday school and church every week. However since the early 1980’S I have felt a very strong connection to a higher power but not in the traditional religious sense.  The closest religion I could relate to that made any sense to me at all were the Quakers who for those who aren’t familiar with that sect, their service consists of being silent and sitting still and if the spirit moves you to then rise and speak your mind. All of my children in fact went to Quaker schools, which were popular in the Philadelphia area where I lived prior to moving to Charleston.  Anyway, I shared with my wife this event and she was quite moved by it.

I also spent time going thru some of the Go90Grow videos and really find that I was  listening so clearly and really grasping the concept of the Hero’s Journey and was thrilled to get to the level of understanding it not just hearing it or listening to it.  That understanding propelled me into action to start using some of the skills and initiate calling some folks that I have hesitated calling in the past.  The hesitation is diminishing which is very cool.  I am so happy to be a part of this community where I can write without fear of being judged or graded. It is so freeing to just let the words flow.  I am noticing in my speaking as well.

Finally this week’s sits have been very empowering in re-discovering our connectedness  to  omnipotence and that we are all the same energy or light or spirit. I am feeling it and it is good.  That’s all for now.



6 thoughts on “Week 12 And away we go!

  1. Thank you for sharing with such honest. I have also had some hesitation about making calls, but I feel strongly that is is time now to get going and set the future on the fire and just enjoy the warm feelings you get from doing things you love and want. Thank you for inspiring blog!


  2. Hi David. Great blog. Interesting that you are also doing the Go90Grow. My wife and are doing it too, and last week we plucked up our courage to go out and use some of the skills. Would you say that the MKE course is a good complement to the Go90Grow? I think it probably is for me, in terms of gaining in self-confidence. Kind Regards DaveMcG


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