Week 11 A Little More Growth

This has been  a week filled with movement within and without. I’m  beginning to realize that I have aha moments everyday and that if I don’t write them down right away I am on to the next one and  forget the specifics of the previous one.  At the same time I am learning the Go90Grow program and implementing the skills into my business strategy.  I am thrilled with what I am learning and in fact I am starting to teach it to my upline and downline who also appreciate the possibilities of doing networking in a more efficient and effective way.  I truly love not being worried or perhaps self-conscience about taking actions. I am just not overthinking things like I used to.  And that’s huge for me. So much less wasted energy.  I still think if I am planning out a strategy but not because of fear of the outcome. I consider that growth and a little more chipping away of the cement. A little shorter this week and that’s probably a good thing.


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