Week 10 A bit of a subtle shift this week

Some pretty cool changes seem to be taking place on the inside this week.  What I am noticing is how I am not reacting in negative ways to certain stimulus that in the past would  have set me off.  I am significantly more matter-of-factly about things that don’t go the way I would have originally preferred.. I don’t even know if that is a proper use of that phrase, but any reader will get my point.  That in itself is an example of how much freer I am to express myself without being so concerned with it being perfect grammatically or any other way.  Probably the most significant event that really messed up my plan this week was that I had to get a new cell phone.  However, I just took it in stride and kept plowing forward.  It is somewhat disturbing how dependent I have become on a cell phone especially considering that I was very late in letting go of my flip phone.  I am also taking the Go90Grow program and am really loving it.   Most importantly, I was able to use some of the skills taught in that program and also in chapter 9 of the Greatest Salesman and truly not look at the people I had contact with as potential customers but as fellow spirits.  I ended up having wonderful conversations with all of them including the fellow who provided me excellent service in transferring all my stuff from my old phone to my new phone. We are going to continue our conversation next week since I can be of service to him and some things he is struggling with.  What made the conversations so wonderful was there was zero angst or nervousness and with all of them a genuine connection was made.  Finally, the visualization went well. Multi-colored cones all over the place.  I am optimistic about visualizing my future manifestations.  So the bottom-line for me this week is that there is a growing peacefulness about me which I am loving.


13 thoughts on “Week 10 A bit of a subtle shift this week

  1. Yes David … I like that saying… and feeling that you have adopted … and I understood it … accepting things “matter-of-factly”.

    And what you have come to realize … here about not getting upset … and / or creating out of proportion feelings to a situation.

    … as it is
    … what it is.

    Maybe that person driving slowly in front of us is teaching us something about patience, understanding or unconditional love … or cosmically speaking … I like to think that maybe they’re saving me from being in an accident

    … from being in the wrong place at the wrong time type of thing.

    It helps diffuse … or helps the synopses “change the channel” as I used to think of it … but today we refer to it as substitution. Any way it has worked for me for many years and I am grateful I found some folks to explain this way of thinking or reconsidering many years ago.

    Instead of reaching for name calling and road rage that our suby or ego is sometimes all too willingly quick to get in an uproar. I just chose again Choose a new feeling.

    Humans deserve the right to change their mind in a moments notice … upon new and valid information.

    As one thing for certain is humans like to be right no matter what … and sometimes that rightiouseness can be backed up but by some very ridiculas reasoning … so bizarre that soon the person that is spouting out … from a very low energy viewpoint … yet is too far into the emotion to change course … without knowledge of the process … and some practice.

    I have lived long enough to have realized that having held back from swiftly reacting and saying regretful hurtful things … and simply … let a situation kool off … and see how things play out.

    Well I have most often found that I was very pleased that I had not added any more negative vibes to a situation.as things would have elevated .. or took a turn for the worse …. and for no other reason than we did not have control over our own ego … and as the ego realizes this … the ego wastes no time … and starts driving. “READY-GO” !

    And once our ego gets dented or hurt … ones ego feels that it “has to be” over-reactive to a negative remark or jesture so it can think it is “GETTING THEM-BACK” … only a little more.

    So David … this is the long way around to saying that … your observations and response simply and most joyfully … gives me … “Hope-In-Humanity” … along with it your candid honesty surely validates the real portance of MKE … and reaching the most Noble 30,000 Master Mind Goal !!!

    Thanks for being you.

    Good Happens / Love shall Prevail


  2. I am very happy for you, David. Week 10 really has been an eye opener for you. Every blog I have visited mentions at least one revelation being experienced this week. And, now we are seeing how some of the things we have been learning are beginning to manifest outward expressions of their thoughts.

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  3. Thanks Jack, I appreciate your feedback. I agree 100% with your observations. Let’s start master-minding this week in earnest. Let me know what you think and how we can set this up .


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